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8 Places that you probably forget to clean in the kitchen!!

Regular kitchen chores or to-do list includes things like washing dishes, wiping down the counters, taking the trash out, mopping the floors, and wiping the fridge door and the stovetop. But if your list does not include disinfecting the wipe that you are using to wipe the counters or the dish sponge, or your best friend's food bowl (your pets), or even washing and wiping your bottom drawers of the refrigerator, if this is correct I will have to say sorry!! But you are missing some key chores that need to be included in your list.

Check out the common areas you may have to add to hour cleaning chores to make sure everything is safe and clean and more important how to clean them!!!

Shhhhh Yes... The Refrigerator, let's start with him.

Mr. Dishwasher

The Garbage Can

Mrs. Sunshine The coffee Maker


The Cutlery Tray or cutlery drawer

Our pets bowls

Mrs. Spongy

As we always said...We give you the tips and tricks but you always can call us at 703-829-6023 and book your cleaning service and we will happy to do all this for you. You can also visit our website at or use this link to book your cleaning service ttps://



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