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Welcome to My Sparkle Maid Blog!!!

Here you will find tips, hints, hacks, and different ways to make your daily house cleaning an easy chore.

My Sparkle Maid is a Professional Cleaning Company. Our focus is to give you the best cleaning service but also give you some tips so you can maintain your house clean and shine while we come back. We are in the Northern Virginia area specifically in the DMV. We cover several counties, you can see it on the first couple of pages of our website. Our Maids have more than 15 years of experience in house cleaning and also in commercial cleaning. We created different kinds of services based on the needs of our clients so stop by our website and see what we can offer to you, but do not leave the blog without checking out our tips and hints. We will love to receive your messages and questions also suggestions on what you want us to talk about regarding cleaning hints.

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